Table Linens

At Moline Kronberg, fine table linens are carefully inspected and stains are pretreated by hand, from gravy and oils to coffee, wine, and wax. We know stains and we know what it takes to remove them. By providing both dry-cleaning and wet-cleaning technologies, we can restore many fabrics that consumers believe have seen their day. We are constantly learning and applying new techniques such as aggressive stain removal for older yellow stains and fabric-safe bleaches. Delicate table linens are carefully cleaned and treated just like your second- and third-generation heirlooms. After cleaning and ironing, we hang them with tissue in the folds to reduce creases. We also provide hand-rolled cloths. Raised and embroidered cloths are hand ironed to enhance every detail. Our seamstresses can mend and embroider; tears, holes and degraded fabric to restore your special table linens.