Mcanstockphoto27186970oline Kronberg offer exceptional comprehensive restoration services. Whether your garments have been damaged by water or smoke your heirlooms garments can be masterfully restored to their original condition. Any upholstery, carpeting, or fabrics and textiles that have been damaged can be cleaned and repaired. For reputable garment cleaning and restoration, you can count on the years of experience and expertise to restore your damaged apparel and heirloom garments to original condition. You can be confident that unpleasant odors can be removed and damages can be fully restored. For any badly stained or water-damaged garments you know you can count on Moline Kronberg to restore your belongings to original condition.  Even if you think your apparel has been damaged beyond repair, let Moline Kronberg make the final determination. Restoration of your most valuable heirlooms and garments may still be possible with proper cleaning and stain treatment. Remember to bring in your damaged apparel immediately to avoid futher contamination, airborne mold spores and harmful residues from building in the garments.

Before & After Restorations