What They’re Saying About Moline-Kronberg Cleaners:

You expert alterations staff was extremely patient and the gown I wore for my son’s wedding was perfectly finished down to the last stitch. I am extremely grateful for everything your staff did.

Vivienne Elbourne,

Arts Director, Producer, Director, and Actress

In the heat of battle I always look fresh and wrinkle free thanks to Moline Kronberg

John MacLean

Coaching Staff, New Jersey Devils

Moline Kronberg provided impeccable care when I needed historical garments worn by Leonard Bernstein cleaned and preserved which are now safely housed in a museum in Santorini, Greece.

Peter Tiboris

General Director and Music Director, MidAmerica Productions

I may shop in Manhattan, but the only place I’ll have my clothes cleaned is Moline Kronberg.

In my line of work, it’s extraordinarily important to look my best always. And the Rodios are so attentive to me and my needs, I would not think of going anywhere else.

Stephanie George

Editor, InStyle Magazine

“I was absolutely stunned at how well Moline Kronberg Cleaners cleaned and preserved our daughters wedding dress and veil. An absolutely beautiful job! The dress was so badly stained on the bottom of the dress from dirt, etc with the outdoor ceremony and picture taking, I never in my wildest dreams thought it would come out clean. It was better than new and well worth the price. Loyda was such a pleasure to work with as the wedding gown consultant, she took the time to explain to me the whole process before and after the dry cleaning was done. A big plus was the fact that they clean your wedding dress on site which is what I was looking for, no sending it out to someone else. I highly recommend Moline Kronberg Cleaners for any apparel. I researched cleaners for wedding dresses and read their reviews and high recommendations, I live 45 minutes away and am so glad I took the drive to Moline Kronberg!”

Cathy Costantino

“Moline Kronberg is like an oasis in a desert of mediocrity! Their outstanding workmanship is like no other! The tailoring is beyond compare! The cleaning of each garment is truly special, be it our precious family baptism robe, a beautiful beaded ball gown or my favorite corduroy slacks! Everything gets superb care and each article that crosses the counter at Moline Kronberg is treated as something fine; from our clothes to our comforters. I have used Moline for many years and in this ever changing world, Moline Kronberg remains the very finest!”

Patricia C

After having been in a fire, my daughter’s wedding dress was cleaned beautifully.  The entire staff at MK were caring, professional and very accommodating.  I highly recommend them to anyone, especially for special occasion garments that hold lots of good memories!”

Sue S.

“I have entrusted you with an antique Matador’s Cape, a couture jacket and beloved drapes to name a few …You breathed life into them all. In a time when value seems illusory you have created a haven for true worthwhile work and graciousness. I thank you. I will bring anything I value to you even though I have moved to Manhattan.”

Patricia S.

“I may shop in Manhattan, but the only place I’ll have my clothes cleaned is Moline Kronberg. In my line of work, it’s extraordinarily important to look my best always. And the Rodios are so attentive to me and my needs, I would not think of going anywhere else.”

Stephanie George

Board of Directors, Burberry

“Moline Kronberg provided impeccable care when I needed historical garments worn by Leonard Bernstein cleaned and preserved which are now safely housed in a museum in Santorini, Greece.”

Peter Tiboris

General Director and Music Director, MidAmerica Productions

“I’ve been going to Moline for years and have never been as satisfied with dry cleaning service, as here. Not to mention the incredibly friendly and wonderful staff and owners! I recommend them to everyone!”

Betsy H.

“My wife’s experience at Moline Kronberg (restoring a school graduation dress) persuaded us to use them as our personal dry cleaners and tailors. They meticulously care for each garment we bring and provide the best in customer service. In addition to dry cleaning, we now use them for all our tailoring needs. We have tried many local cleaners before finding Moline Kronberg, and we can easily say they are simply the best.”

John M.

“I bought my wedding dress to Moline’s to get cleaned and preserved. They did such an amazing job. They were very detailed in examining the dress and setting my expectations on their work. They took the time before hand to show me everything and same as after. They did such an impeccable job. I’m extremely happy with how my dress came out. They are truly the best at what they do. Clean, friendly, professional location. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.”

Kimberly S.

“After this awful bridal shop in Jersey City completely butchered the alterations for my wedding dress one week prior to my wedding (a complete NIGHTMARE for any bride), the angels at Moline Kronberg were not only willing to let me bring in my dress to see what they could do but they also did an absolutely STUNNING job correcting the horrendous errors of a prior “seamstress” in such a short amount of time. So incredibly grateful and thankful for Victoria (my incredibly talented seamstress), Andrea, Patricia, and the entire crew at M.K.!!!! Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart!”

Romina C.

Moline Kronberg gets it. They realize that their most important job is making me look good.

And that makes them look good.

Stephen Colbert

The Colbert Report

The antique textiles that I deal in can only be trusted to the skilled artisans of Moline Kronberg.

Marvin Berk

Apsara Arts of Asia

Whether its patching up my wardrobe for George to the rescue or making my suits pop on open house Moline Kronberg has always made me look good.

George Oliphant

I only write reviews when I feel strongly about the service of a firm and in the case of Moline Kronberg Cleaners, it’s the best.  I have been a customer for years and have always received top quality work and service for both dry cleaning and tailoring.  The people are great and when I need something done within a reasonable timetable, it is done.  If I need my shirt with starch and my husband’s without, they are done right.  I even have friends who have lived first in Montclair and then moved to a nearby town, who continue to bring back dry cleaning to Moline Kronberg.  One friend said, “I have never had my silk blouses done the way Moline Kronberg does them.  It is worth the trip.”  The same holds true for the tailoring side.  I have had lots of hems done, buttons replaced, blazers relined and more.  The items are always completed beautifully.

All I can say is many thanks for your quality work and keep it up!!

Beth Lange

“I have just starting using Moline Kronberg cleaners.  I had a dress that no other cleaner would touch because it had black leather on it and the dress was a winter white.  They were afraid the black leather would bleed into the other fabric.  Moline Kronberg took the dress apart, cleaned it and put it back together.  It looks like new.  I thought I would never be able to wear this dress again.  I’m so very happy.”

Katherine P.

” My favorite Dry cleaners! I love Moline Kronberg and have been a loyal customer for over 20 years.”


Commissioner of MLS.

“I could not get dressed without Moline Kronberg! Love the people and the great service.”


Kenny Brian

Studio host , MLB network and presenter on NBC sport radio.

“At any wedding, the bridal grown is the main focus and so when the wedding is over beauty, care and love must be preserved. Moline Kronberg provided that impeccable care. My daughter’s grown came out looking brand new. It was cleaned to perfection! Worth the price and someday, I hope my daughter will pass it on.”

Claudia M.

“I just had my wedding dress cleaned and preserved in a linen covered box. The dress was in pretty rough shape, with tears and dirt at the hem and lace bow. It was honestly a miracle how clean it came out. Highly recommend for cleaning and preserving your wedding dress or special garment.”

Aimee D.

“In the heat of battle I always look fresh and wrinkle free thanks to Moline Kronberg.”

John MacLean

Coaching Staff, New Jersey Devils

“Moline Kronberg’s special care and attention to detail makes my favorite; well-worn outfits look new again.”

Mindy P.

“I have brought my clothes to be cleaned to Moline Kronberg for the last 12 years. I heard about their reputation; however, in addition to cleaning my clothes I also needed a good tailor. I used to work in the area and it was very convenient to drop my clothes off before or after work. I have not worked in the area for the past 5 years, but that would not be enough for me to seek out another dry cleaners closer to my work or home. Patricia and Marcello, as well as the entire staff at Moline Kronberg are experts at what they do. Most importantly, their customer’s needs always come first. I would not entrust my clothes to anyone else.”

Antoinette B.

“Moline Kronberg is the best cleaners you may wish for! Impeccable work, always reliable and truly satisfying. Know that your clothes will come back in the best condition possible. I once brought my mothers wedding dress,filled with heavy,old stains and they were able to clean,leaving the dress spotless! What a sweet gift!”

Claudia S.

“I am a huge fan of Moline Kronberg Cleaners and have been for many years. Their attention to detail, tailoring services and overall customer focus are unmatched by any other dry cleaning business in the area. They provide individual attention to their customers and take great pride in their work so I always have confidence that my clothes are in the best of hands. All of the staff is terrific, and Patricia and Marcello have created an environment that makes you feel as if you are among family and friends who will take good care of you. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for these services.”

Carolyn G.

“I LOVE THIS DRY CLEANERS! I can go in with the worst stain with tears building in my eyes, praying they can save my favorite shirt and come out with a smile on my face, what more could you possible want.

The work and professionalism that one gets in this little “Diamond”  of a cleaners is wonderful, there is nothing they won’t do to make you happy and most of all satisfied with your treasured items.

You’re clothing comes back smelling “clean” your “white” comes back white. My buttons don’t come back broken on my precious blouses and shirts. When my husband can make a remark on his dry cleaning that says a whole lot.
Patricia with her expert attention to detail and honesty of what can be done and what is a NO NO is a treasure. Marcello an expert on stains! and Wine my last comment is because he takes the time to come and meet his customers so the conversations get interesting who would think to go into a dry cleaners and come out with the name of a great wine.It’s never NO its”let me see what I can do” The two are truly a gift to the community.
I don’t want to leave out Andrea who greets all of us at the front door who could possible be that up with a smile on her face every day all day saying assuring you in the right spot. So after 17 years of being part of their family because that is what you become I can honestly say “Don’t hesitate this is where you want to take your dry cleaning.” Kronberg is simply the BEST!”

Carrie S.