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Our happy customers have a lot to say about our garment care and gown care services!

You expert alterations staff was extremely patient and the gown I wore for my son’s wedding was perfectly finished down to the last stitch. I am extremely grateful for everything your staff did.

Vivienne Elbourne,

Arts Director, Producer, Director, and Actress

I recently had the emotional task of taking my late mother’s fur coat to Moline Kronberg Dry Cleaners, and I cannot express how grateful I am for the exceptional service provided by Adriana, Patricia and Marcelo.

My mom’s fur coat held immense sentimental value as I had fond childhood memories of playfully parading around in it. Unfortunately, it had never been cleaned or properly cared for. The thought of parting with this cherished item was daunting, but I knew it was time to give it the care it deserved.

From the moment I walked into Marcelo’s Dry Cleaners, Adriana exuded kindness and understanding. She listened attentively to the sentimental story behind the coat, making me feel at ease during an emotionally challenging time. Marcelo, the owner, went above and beyond by personally approaching me, offering reassurance, and assuring me that they would handle the coat with the utmost care.

A week later, I returned to pick up the cleaned fur coat, and I was genuinely astounded by the transformation. Marcelo had worked their magic, and the coat looked absolutely amazing. The attention to detail and the care put into the cleaning process was evident, and I could feel the love and respect they had for the items entrusted to them.

I want to extend my deepest gratitude to Adriana, Patricia and Marcelo for their exceptional service, compassion, and for making a difficult experience more bearable. The coat not only looks pristine but now holds even more sentimental value for me. Moline Kronberg Dry Cleaners has not just earned a loyal customer; they have earned my trust and heartfelt recommendation.

Thank you, Adriana, Patricia and Marcelo, for treating my mother’s coat with the love and care it deserved.

Abby Garcia

Apsara Arts of Asia

I only write reviews when I feel strongly about the service of a firm and in the case of Moline Kronberg Cleaners, it’s the best.  I have been a customer for years and have always received top quality work and service for both dry cleaning and tailoring.  The people are great and when I need something done within a reasonable timetable, it is done.  If I need my shirt with starch and my husband’s without, they are done right.  I even have friends who have lived first in Montclair and then moved to a nearby town, who continue to bring back dry cleaning to Moline Kronberg.  One friend said, “I have never had my silk blouses done the way Moline Kronberg does them.  It is worth the trip.”  The same holds true for the tailoring side.  I have had lots of hems done, buttons replaced, blazers relined and more.  The items are always completed beautifully.
All I can say is many thanks for your quality work and keep it up!!

Beth Lange

My favorite Dry cleaners! I love Moline Kronberg and have been a loyal customer for over 20 years.

Commissioner of MLS.

After having been in a fire, my daughter’s wedding dress was cleaned beautifully.  The entire staff at MK were caring, professional and very accommodating.  I highly recommend them to anyone, especially for special occasion garments that hold lots of good memories!

Sue S.

The customer service was good and as soon as a walked in I felt welcomed. Both pairs of pants were done well. I will be coming in to have a coat tailored. Also I saw high reviews from others and thought I would try you out!

Marlene Cadillo

My wife’s experience at Moline Kronberg (restoring a school graduation dress) persuaded us to use them as our personal dry cleaners and tailors. They meticulously care for each garment we bring and provide the best in customer service. In addition to dry cleaning, we now use them for all our tailoring needs. We have tried many local cleaners before finding Moline Kronberg, and we can easily say they are simply the best.

John M.

If this isn’t the best team in the dry cleaning and laundry business, then there isn’t one! Patricia and Marcello run a tight, family-oriented, professional, and light-hearted ship. The entire staff is engaging and customer-focused. The quality of the work is top-notch…from dry cleaning to tailoring. And, not to be unsaid…I have not had a single garment misplaced in twenty years. Great team. Love this shop and its staff.

Eric O’Toole

I always wanted to wear my mother’s 1978 wedding dress when I got married and Moline Kronberg restored it beautifully especially since my mother never had it cleaned! They were also able to add bead and lace embellishments to make it a little more elegant as it was a very simple bohemian dress. They handled it with such care and they helped me decide on the slight design changes to keep it true to the time period. They were even able to adjust the train perfectly by relocating some lace as I am a bit shorter than my mother. They have such a cute little shop and made me feel so special at all of the fittings. They really cared about the story of the dress so much so they even put my mom’s wedding picture up on their wall. I can’t thank them enough and highly recommend them for wedding dress restoration and alterations!!

Simply Sweet

I picked up my preserved wedding gown today and I am so beyond thrilled with it. They did such a beautiful job my dress looks brand new. They went over the instructions with me and showed me the dress it was preserved so delicately which is no easy task because my wedding dress was massive. If you are looking for somewhere to preserve your dress and you want it done with care please come here they are amazing. Adding a picture of my dress so you can see how massive it was.

Christina Sigcha

I have just starting using Moline Kronberg cleaners.  I had a dress that no other cleaner would touch because it had black leather on it and the dress was a winter white.  They were afraid the black leather would bleed into the other fabric.  Moline Kronberg took the dress apart, cleaned it and put it back together.  It looks like new.  I thought I would never be able to wear this dress again.  I’m so very happy.

Katherine P.

Took my dress to get preserved here and my dress looks like the day I bought it. The packaging and storing of my dress is easy & the team gives clear instructions. The price is reasonable considering what other seamstresses are charging. I highly recommend this shop for their customer service, quality, and the team always following up. 10/10!

Hannah Mondragon

I just had my wedding dress cleaned and preserved in a linen covered box. The dress was in pretty rough shape, with tears and dirt at the hem and lace bow. It was honestly a miracle how clean it came out. Highly recommend for cleaning and preserving your wedding dress or special garment.

Aimee D.

I bought my wedding dress to Moline’s to get cleaned and preserved. They did such an amazing job. They were very detailed in examining the dress and setting my expectations on their work. They took the time before hand to show me everything and same as after. They did such an impeccable job. I’m extremely happy with how my dress came out. They are truly the best at what they do. Clean, friendly, professional location. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Kimberly S.

Excellent service! I had some shirts tailored and pressed and they did an amazing job. I would definitely recommend them for your tailoring and dry cleaning needs.

Mary Mannarino

Patricia and the team did an amazing job with my dress for our civil ceremony. When handling something so special there’s always a bit of anxiety leading up to your big day, but it was tailored to perfection! I will highly recommend their team to any future brides.

Mushirah Kelley-Taylor

I don’t know where to begin. I was about to throw my wedding dress in the trash after another tailor ruined my dress. A few weeks to go I was recommended to Moline-Kronberg Cleaners. This was the best decision, they were kind and loving to start so this made me at ease. Naomi and the entire family (yes I call them family) because that was what I felt. They didn’t stop until my dress was perfect. My wedding was perfect and I thank them for me looking and feeling beautiful. You are my family for life. Thank you thank you for everything. I treasure you all. You have me for life and I will recommend to all. Don’t hesitate they treat all with love and kindness. Love you all. Merriest to my newest family, Cathy Marto now Marshall. You are rock stars.

Catherine Marto

Whether its patching up my wardrobe for George to the rescue or making my suits pop on open house Moline Kronberg has always made me look good.

George Oliphant

I was absolutely stunned at how well Moline Kronberg Cleaners cleaned and preserved our daughters wedding dress and veil. An absolutely beautiful job! The dress was so badly stained on the bottom of the dress from dirt, etc with the outdoor ceremony and picture taking, I never in my wildest dreams thought it would come out clean. It was better than new and well worth the price. Loyda was such a pleasure to work with as the wedding gown consultant, she took the time to explain to me the whole process before and after the dry cleaning was done. A big plus was the fact that they clean your wedding dress on site which is what I was looking for, no sending it out to someone else. I highly recommend Moline Kronberg Cleaners for any apparel. I researched cleaners for wedding dresses and read their reviews and high recommendations, I live 45 minutes away and am so glad I took the drive to Moline Kronberg!

Cathy Costantino

I could not get dressed without Moline Kronberg! Love the people and the great service.

Kenny Brian

Studio host , MLB network and presenter on NBC sport radio.

At any wedding, the bridal grown is the main focus and so when the wedding is over beauty, care and love must be preserved. Moline Kronberg provided that impeccable care. My daughter’s grown came out looking brand new. It was cleaned to perfection! Worth the price and someday, I hope my daughter will pass it on.

Claudia M.

I have brought my clothes to be cleaned to Moline Kronberg for the last 12 years. I heard about their reputation; however, in addition to cleaning my clothes I also needed a good tailor. I used to work in the area and it was very convenient to drop my clothes off before or after work. I have not worked in the area for the past 5 years, but that would not be enough for me to seek out another dry cleaners closer to my work or home. Patricia and Marcello, as well as the entire staff at Moline Kronberg are experts at what they do. Most importantly, their customer’s needs always come first. I would not entrust my clothes to anyone else.

Antoinette B.

I gave Moline-Kronberg the important task of transforming my mom’s wedding dress into a top for my rehearsal dinner look, and they couldn’t have done a better job! I was truly blown away with their attention to detail and my mom was so happy that I was able to wear a piece of her and my dad’s history. They also did an amazing job preserving the top and my wedding dress for me! Family owned and extremely friendly and caring staff. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a great tailor or dry cleaner!

Alexandra Silano

I did a lot of research for cleaners who could preserve my wedding gown. I came across the great reviews Moline-Kronberg had and decided to trust them with this job. It was pretty heavily soiled but they had no concern they’d be able to handle the job. And they 1000% delivered! My gown looks as beautiful as it did when I first bought it and the box and materials they use to package it are very high quality. I would recommend them to any bride looking for cleaning or preservation services after your big day!

Alexa Vizcarra