Leathers & Furs


Professional fur cleaning and glazing is recommended yearly, usually before storage.The fur cleaning process involves agitation of your pelt in a mixture of solvent and finely ground corncobs, powdered wood, or cellulose products, such as nutshells.

fur leather

The solvent contains special silicones which give the fur a fluffy, uniform, soft appearance and sheen. This technique is performed specifically to simulate the natural care of fur and most cleaners do not have the ability or equipment to do this.

After a pelt is cleaned properly it must undergo the glazing procedure which is the technique of applying a liquid compound to the fur, then passing a heated rotary wheel over the fur. Through heat and friction, the fur, including the guard hair, is polished, returning the original luster to the fur. The static electricity created straightens the hair, whilst removing the tufts and matting. The final phase of finishing is blowing the fur with an air gun.