moline.side.niceMoline Kronberg has been an institution of excellence since 1911, and the current ownership, Patricia and Marcello Rodio, carries on the tradition of high quality garment care and service. Then as now, we specialize in cleaning and restoring the most delicate and difficult fabrics and designs, from properly pressing high quality cotton shirts, to the restoration of priceless antique wedding gowns.

Moline Kronberg understands the meaning of style, and we recognize the difference between regular and couture apparel. Our customer service representatives have been trained to identify different fabrics and designers, so that each piece will be serviced in the most suitable manner, and we implement the highest standards of quality control, installing an inspector at each cleaning and finishing station, ensuring that your garment will have been correctly labeled, cleaned, finished, inspected and packaged before it is returned to you.

393088_405321196218109_2028478756_nBut beyond all our technical expertise, the most important part of our business is servicing your needs. That’s why we offer free pick-up and delivery service, and why our customer service representatives pay attention to every detail, and listen to every service request. It’s no wonder we have thrived for over ninety years as the premier dry cleaner in Upper Montclair.