Cleaning and Alterations Services

Wedding Gown Preservation

Full analyses of all aspects of the gown are made, and the use of specific formulas and processes are deployed for the safe removal of all stains. All bridal gowns receive specialized attention and only hand finishing. A bride’s wedding gown is more than a beautiful garment – it’s a lifetime memory. That is why we at Moline Kronberg care about preparing and preserving these precious gowns, and why we are a world renowned for bridal gown cleaning and... read more

Leathers & Furs Cleaning

You may only need your outerwear during the fall and winter months, but we at Moline Kronberg service your leathers, suedes, and furs all year round, making sure that they look as good as you do. Brushing and finishing techniques eliminate wear and re-texturize the skins and hairs back to their original condition. Moline Kronberg also offers bonded and insured climate-controlled public storage as a full service for your precious... read more

Evening Wear Cleaning

Moline Kronberg understands the skill involved in finely made gowns and tuxedos. That is why we prepare a full analysis of all aspects of a gown, which is then considered and tested in the pretreatment process. We pride ourselves in being among the best when it comes to the care of gowns and suits of the highest caliber,and our revitalization of these pieces is second to none. We at Moline Kronberg also specialize in gown restoration, making antique pieces look as glamorous as the day they were... read more

Moline KronbergIf the wedding dress you’ve been dreaming of is a family heirloom that has with time, yellowed or been stained, then Moline Kronberg can help. Such an important piece of family history should look its best on your wedding day. Whether it is a gown, or even just a veil, the gentle restoration process used by our experts will ensure that any fabric of any color will be restored to its original beauty without damage to your piece of family history.

But beyond all our technical expertise, the most important part of our business is servicing your needs. That’s why we offer free pick-up and delivery service, and why our customer service representatives pay attention to every detail, and listen to every service request. It’s no wonder we have thrived for over ninety years as the premier dry cleaner in Upper Montclair.