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Expert Care for Your Linens and Fabrics

Home Linen Cleaning & Care

At Moline-Kronberg Cleaners, we provide expert care for all your home linens and fabrics. Our offerings include care for table and bed linens, drapery, comforters, duvets, couch covers, and pillows. Our specialized cleaning techniques ensure that your linens are thoroughly cleaned and refreshed, while maintaining their quality and color. Whether you need to clean your everyday linens or prepare for a special occasion, you can trust Moline-Kronberg Cleaners to deliver exceptional results and keep your home looking its best.

bed with clean white duvet and pillow shams

I : Table & Bed Linens

At Moline-Kronberg Cleaners, we offer comprehensive table linen and bed linen services that go beyond traditional cleaning. Our process begins with a careful inspection of your fine table linens, where stains are pretreated by hand. From gravy and oils to coffee, wine, and wax, we know stains and use advanced techniques to remove them effectively.

We provide both dry-cleaning and wet-cleaning technologies, allowing us to restore many fabrics that customers believe are beyond repair. Our expertise extends to delicate table linens, which are treated with the same care as your treasured heirlooms. After cleaning and ironing, we hang them with tissue in the folds to reduce creases, and offer hand-rolled cloths for added elegance.

Raised and embroidered cloths receive special attention, as they are hand ironed to enhance every detail. Our seamstresses can mend and embroider tears, holes, and degraded fabric, ensuring your special table linens are restored to their former glory. Trust Moline Kronberg Cleaners for meticulous care and restoration of your table and bed linens.

II : Drapery Dry Cleaning

Moline Kronberg Cleaners offers professional dry cleaning services for your drapery, sheers, and ruffles, whether they are store-bought or custom-made. We recommend that most window treatments be professionally cleaned every 2-3 years, and down items at least once a year, depending on your personal habits and the environment in your home or office.

Regular vacuuming of your drapes and dust ruffles each month, using a soft-bristled attachment, will help remove surface dust between cleanings. However, furnace dust, airborne particles, and cooking fumes can still deposit on fabrics and penetrate fibers, causing fading and discoloration. These impurities, which are not all removed by vacuuming, can shorten the life of your household items, contribute to premature tearing and dry rot, and compromise your considerable investment.

At Moline Kronberg Cleaners, we treat all fabrics with sizing to restore drape and body to the fabric, ensuring they look their best and last longer. Trust us to provide professional steaming and finishing for your drapery items, preserving their beauty and extending their lifespan.

gray window drapes
white bedding

III : Comforters & Duvets

Cleaning duvets, matelasse spreads, and comforters, especially bulky items like down comforters, can be challenging at home. Moline-Kronberg Cleaners offers professional cleaning services for these items, including spot cleaning for fabrics like wool and rayon. We specialize in dry cleaning comforters, ensuring they are thoroughly cleaned and ready for cold weather.

  • Each item undergoes at least four inspections to ensure they are returned to you in nearly-new condition.
  • Our expertise in wet and dry cleaning technologies allows us to provide the best care for your items, whether they are heirlooms or custom-made.

Advice on care:

  • Regular cleaning, at least once a year, is recommended for your household items, including comforters, ruffles, shams, and duvets.
  • Cleaning all matching items at the same time helps maintain color consistency.
  • Dry cleaning chemicals do not damage the natural properties of down. Trust Moline-Kronberg Cleaners for expert care and maintenance of your bedding items.

IIII : Couch Covers & Pillows

When it comes to cleaning couch covers and pillows, Moline-Kronberg Cleaners ensures that each item receives individual attention. Our expert team conducts at least four inspections for each piece, guaranteeing that they are returned to you in nearly-new condition.

Advice on care:

  • Regular cleaning of your household items can increase their longevity. We recommend cleaning comforters, ruffles, and shams at least once a year, and duvets as needed.
  • It’s advisable to get all matching items cleaned at the same time to maintain color consistency.
  • Contrary to some claims, dry cleaning chemicals do not damage the natural properties of down. Well-made down comforters consist mostly of down rather than feathers. Feather quills can become pricklier after cleaning, especially in comforters with less than 80% down.

At Moline-Kronberg Cleaners, we provide the best care for all indoor and outdoor furniture fabric pieces. Trust us to keep your furniture looking its best with our expert cleaning services.