Gown Restoration


If  you’ve been dreaming of is a family heirloom that has with time, yellowed or been stained, then Moline Kronberg can help. Such an important piece of family history should look its best on your wedding day. Whether it is a gown, or even just a veil, the gentle restoration process used by our experts will ensure that any fabric of any color will be restored to its original beauty without damage to your piece of family history.

Cherished garments grow more valuable, and more fragile, as time passes. Moline Kronberg  specializes in the restoration of antique and vintage garments such as:

  • Bridal gowns
  • Ceremonial Heirlooms
  • Christening Gowns
  • Table linens
  • Tapestries

Vintage Bridal Gowns

Vintage bridal requires that extra care and at Moline Kronberg we know how to process this vintage pieces, Many times, the gown yellows all over and you may also notice brown stained areas.  Unfortunately, certain stains may not be able to be removed one hundred percent but they will lighten.  Heirlooms also normally require what we call a ‘restoration’ or a wet cleaning.  Basically, a garment will be placed in a bath with a very gentle solvent.  As we take a very gentle approach, it may take a few soaks to lift discoloration to a shade we are satisfied with without distressing the fabric.  If you are planning on wearing an heirloom, please figure in at least two to three weeks for the restoration process alone.