canstockphoto26714530Couture wardrobes have significant value and can increase in equity when properly preserved. Many collectors unknowingly can put their assets in peril and end up with irreparable fabric damage. Damage caused by insects, sunlight, and climate changes in your home or storage unit can destroy the value of your couture and designer garments. The savvy collectors know to bring their precious, delicate, and sentimental garments to Moline Kronberg for proper cleaning and storage for couture and designer wardrobes.
Taking proper care of your couture (modern or vintage) can safeguard the beauty and value of your garments. Couture preservation demands expertise and training to protect your investment.  Every garment in your collection deserves expert care to ensure longevity and value. Whether your couture garments are worn weekly, once every season, or once in a lifetime Рyour couture deserves the best care.