Cleaning and Alterations Services


Vintage Couture was designed to be kept and worn for a very long time. It’s made to last. Unfortunately while the dress may last, if it has not been properly cared for over the years then it may not look its best. If you own a vintage piece of couture which needs to be restored or cleaned, then it is important to be sure that the process is done properly. If you have a real collector’s item then it is essential that it be properly washed by a professional to ensure the dress will not be damaged, and to preserve the value of the item. Moline Kronberg has the expertise required to properly identify materials and their handling characteristics based on their age in order to properly wash and care for all vintage... read more

Christening Gowns

No matter the origin of your christening gown Moline Kronberg can remove all stains and discoloration to restore your garment to its original state. Moline Kronberg understands that your family’s Christening Gown is a important part of your family’s history. In order to preserve such an important part of your family, Moline Kronberg uses a gentle restoration process that will not damage the gown, but will remove stains and discoloration, leaving your christening gown as good as new in order to continue being a part of your family’s... read more


The experts at Moline Kronberg offer restoration services for antique garments with a variety of ailments. It takes a professional to preserve the integrity of a garment while restoring and repairing it to its original state. Moline Kronberg is proud to offer professional restoration services for all antique garments. Our specialty is caring for the finest and most delicate fabrics, and with an unrivaled attention to detail you can rest assured that your garments will be returned in the best possible condition. We use the latest techniques to inspect every detail of your garment in order to identify any and all problem areas. Once our inspection is complete we begin restoring your garment to its state. When the restoration is complete your antique garments will be as good as new.... read more

Moline KronbergIf the wedding dress you’ve been dreaming of is a family heirloom that has with time, yellowed or been stained, then Moline Kronberg can help. Such an important piece of family history should look its best on your wedding day. Whether it is a gown, or even just a veil, the gentle restoration process used by our experts will ensure that any fabric of any color will be restored to its original beauty without damage to your piece of family history.

But beyond all our technical expertise, the most important part of our business is servicing your needs. That’s why we offer free pick-up and delivery service, and why our customer service representatives pay attention to every detail, and listen to every service request. It’s no wonder we have thrived for over ninety years as the premier dry cleaner in Upper Montclair.